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My Platform

I want my platform to reflect my philosophy of governing in a thoughtful, constructive way. Just because I wish to approach all issues with an open mind, does not mean that I do not have my own values and beliefs. It is my intention that no constituent be surprised by a position I take on a given issue. So I am providing some broadly stated values I am very passionate about, as well as a few ideas I have on policy that align with my values.


I believe that Wyoming must keep the young generations here. 


For me, this begins with livable communities. I would support policies that contribute to the rejuvenation of our towns and cities, as well as policies that support healthy and happy citizens.  Schools that provide education as well as a central community meeting point should be given the resources they need to thrive. Funding for transit and mobility can dramatically improve a community’s overall health; therefore, I would advocate for the expansion of bus service and pathways statewide. Additionally, remote work is now a reality for many young professionals, and we need to build on the work that has been done to provide high speed internet to everyone in the state. 


I believe that Wyoming should be shared with the world.


Tourism is a leading industry in Wyoming, but it has so much more room to grow. Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado are all great examples to look to for how to take advantage of our natural wonders. Increasing access and amenities on public lands is a great place to start. Providing for habitat and wildlife preservation not only ensures a strong future for hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing, but also helps preserve our wide open spaces, which are a central part of our character. Established infrastructure to support an influx of tourists will help manage the impact on our small communities. Funding for the state and local tourism boards will also help our communities take advantage of the interest people are already expressing in what Wyoming has to offer.


I believe that government can be responsibly managed while working to make a positive impact on people’s lives.


An oversimplification I often hear is that “Government should be run like a business.” I cannot overstate how much I dislike this idiom. The goal of a business is to grow and profit, which are often terms not positively associated with the goals of the government. I am passionate about the government’s ability to help the citizens that empower it, but it requires clear societal goals to be agreed upon by the people’s representatives and fiscal responsibility to ensure those goals are carried out. Investments in our healthcare system, including the expansion of Medicaid, is one such way to meet our goals in a way that makes fiscal sense. Helping our community colleges increase their technical program offerings and helping our tradesmen and women grow their ability to take on apprentices to grow the next generation of skilled workers are both crucial to developing our state.


I believe that local action is the most impactful.


Our counties, towns, and cities are the best places for citizens to get civically involved in ways that are impactful and tangible. Local governments should have the support they need.  I would turn to the Wyoming County Commissioners Association (WCCA), Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM), Wyoming Association of County Officials (WACO), and other local government organizations for guidance and to ensure that their voices are amplified at the state level.


I believe that the Wyoming Legislature should be Wyoming focused.


Many issues that come before the legislature now are clearly borne of the rancorous political divide that has developed across our nation. During the most recent budget session, where the business of redistricting was also on the docket, too much time was spent debating social issues that had nothing to do with making a balanced budget. The business of the Wyoming Legislature should be about advancing ideas from our own citizens–not in the interest of national issues. As a legislator, I would not be able to avoid votes on these divisive and often irrelevant issues, but I would do my best to stoke thoughtful discussion during debate, as well as avoiding contributing to the problem with any bill I might sponsor.


I believe that everybody deserves to have their ideas heard and to be treated with respect.


This is at the heart of my personal values. I truly believe that all ideas deserve to be heard and discussed in a kind and respectful manner. It is only through trying to understand each other and ourselves that good governance is possible.


If there is something that you are passionate about that I have not  touched on here, please reach out. I would love to have a discussion with you, and I am excited to get to know what it is you think and care about!

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