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I am so grateful and full of love from the support I received in the election and for the last six months. Please keep involved and working to make our communities better! Keep showing love and kindess to all of your neighbors and we shall realize a better future together.

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Earning your trust.

"Let's get to know one another and share our ideas for a better Wyoming."


We Would Love to Have Your Help

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Helping Wyoming Meet Its Potential

Wyoming has been my home for my entire life, and I see it as a place with great potential. I hope to help Wyoming reach its potential by improving its appeal so that more people recognize it as a great place to live and visit. Unfortunately, many of the friends I grew up with moved away and took their talents and perspectives with them. I have no doubt that having them here contributing to our communities would significantly enrich Wyoming and pave the way for a brighter future.

I want to work together to create a Wyoming where my daughter can envision building her life and future as well as where my friends consider living here again a viable option. We will not accomplish this goal by putting people into boxes and dismissing ideas that may be different than our own. I want to bring civility and open mindedness to solving the challenges that face us, so our children and young families can proudly call Wyoming home.



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